The Presidential Debates... some things were missing.

Today was the final presidential debate where two candidates get to duke it out over two diverging views of what America is and what America could be.  Much hot air was expelled extorting differing plans on how to grow the U.S. economy.  Opposing views from other candidates are not allowed to be heard (Except on Democracy Now who allowed Third party candidates to answer the questions posed to the candidates in each of the debates).  Many talking heads are getting to exhale their well rehearsed lines that they have been awaiting all week to let loose.  Separate from all the spin, many real issues remain glanced over or completely untouched.  Let's examine some of these.

1.  Tax Code- This complicated juggernaut of esoteric rules and loopholes is unlikely to be changed with either administration.
2.  Education Crisis/Student loans-  Banks remain the winners on this one as a large segment of the American population are now indentured servants.  Neither candidate has a plan to change this debt system. 
3.  US Foreign Policy direction- Unlikely to change much in either administration.  There were some indications in the debates that an Obama administration would shrink down the size of the military.
4.  Energy policy- Mr. Romney clearly wants to drill the US.  Pres Obama would like to grow the green renewable economy.
5.  Deficit- A direct result of multiple wars with some of the lowest tax rates for the wealthy.  Romney's plan to cut entitlements will not affect the deficit much as it is not a significant part of the budget... As I understand it the military makes up half of the budget.
6.  Financial reform- Glass Stegall Act.  Was never brought up.  Clearly the banks should be regulated.  Or be allowed to fail when they screw up.  Record bonuses and bailouts under the Obama administration.
7.  Patriot Act-  Was never mentioned.  Americans can be detained without trial or charges.  In violation of the constitution (Thanks Idaho upbringing, where the constitution is pounded into us at an early age!)
8.  Citizen's United- Never mentioned.  Allows unlimited spending by corporations based on them being given personhood and therefore protection of free speech under the first amendment.  Aka the government and political process goes to the highest bidder...
9.  Iraq/Afganistan/Iran wars- much hot air about this tonight, however, not much would likely change here under either administration... The generals and main advisers on these topics do not change much with elections.  If it did we would have pulled out troops at this point per Obama's prior election promise.
10.  Poverty- Indirectly discussed via the conversation on the economy.  Neither candidate has a convincing plan to eradicate the growing poverty.  Arguably Obama may understand this topic better as he did not grow up with a silver spoon.

Ultimately, the two America's presented and represented by the two parties are at odds.  They need not be though.  I personally am tired of the partisan politics and would like to see a no party system or an every party system.  This duality serves no one but the elites at the top of each party.  A real democracy to me would have all the players at the table, including 3rd parties.  I have always voted for a third party mostly because I live in Washington state where it always goes to the Democrats.  I am a political anomaly in that I am a Liberal that is fiscally conservative. 
In the end, I do think for America to move forward and reach its full potential, be need a less divided and more unified national plan.  Given the current political climate, I do not see that happening soon.  And so the empire will continue to crumble as all divided empires do...