The rise of "The Heist

Ever since I heard Macklemore's new album "The Heist" 4 days ago, I have been listening to it non stop.  While I like the song "Thrift Store" and am in awe of his three hundred million and eight hundred thousand hits on You Tube (That's insane), I love the album as whole.  It has been a long time since I have listened to an album from start to finish old school Columbia House style (remember that, those hustlers!). Let alone, just out and bought an album after hearing it.

It is so refreshing to hear a rapper/hip hop artist singing about things other than guns, drugs, money, and women. The lyrics are superb, the beat is poppin' and its got me droppn some dough.  Uhh.

Pretty amazing in that the album became number one on i tunes within hours of its release with no mainstream promotion or support.  It made Hot 100 chart history by having their first two singles both become a #1 single, and the first to do so without being signed to a major record company in almost 20 years.

With today's rampant technology, it is possible to listen artists for free.  Spotify, Pandora, You Tube are amazing tools that have revolutionized consumer access to music.  For many independent artists it is a way to get on the airwaves fast.  However, the artists get paid very little when we use these tools compared to when we purchase songs and albums.  This has put tremendous pressure on artists to make their living off live performances.   More live performances is problematic as they end up having more vocal cord injuries and other repetitive use injuries in guitarists and drummers.  Not to mention being on the road is exhausting.  Please support independent artists by buying their albums and songs directly.

My favorite songs are "Awake", "Ten Thousand Hours" and "Starting Over".

Check it out.