Bioneers 2014

This weekend I attended the Bioneers conference for the first time courtesy of Guayaki and Beijaflor Elixirs.   What a great event full of wonderful people all doing good work to make the planet a more habitable place to live.  Highlighted speakers include: Eve Ensler, Paul Stamets, Noami Klein, Brock Dolman, Charles Eisenstein, Erin Switalski, Louie Schwartzberg, and Vandan Shiva.  Don't know these people?   Then check out their bios at the above link or Google them!  Amazing work!   Being in the presence of such heavy hitters inspires me to contribute more in my work to help change the problems plaguing our tiny planet right now.

The after party at solstice grove was amazing too.  Great tibetian food, unique cordials and herbal libations by Beijiaflor elixirs and music by Dogon Lights.

Check out the conference and afterparty next year and join one of the many movements to build a better planet for all.