Why I protested today...

Today is the first day I participated in an act of civil disobedience.   All my life I have stayed clear of becoming involved in a physical demonstration of any sort.  Ironically, mostly because I too fear the police may mistreat me.   I have always felt I had too much to loose to get arrested for something stupid and not have my dreams come true.  I have hid behind my degrees and watched the world around me change.  

I want to thank those who have read my blog, "Driving While Black" had over 1000 hits this week and an outpouring of support.  This week I went to court and plead not guilty and have a court date set for January 7.  My case is just a minor example of what happens on a daily basis.  The cases in the news are the extreme end of that.

For too long I have felt that my education would in insulate me from that reality...  It does not. I have always wondered when reading history from the past whether I would have participated in bringing about change or whether I would sit on the sidelines of history.  I think it is clear I can no longer sit still in our rapidly changing world.  And neither can you.