Life Transplant

Frequently when working with people with chronic diseases, I introduce a concept that I call "Life Transplant".  This is for patients who are falling apart physically, mentally, and emotionally. It rings with the concept of an organ transplant, where we replace a diseased organ with a healthy one.  However many people with chronic disease would need multiple organs to be replaced.  This is not possible yet, however we can change many aspects of our environment, management of emotions, and lifestyle.   Changing multiple life variables at once to elicit a change toward health is what I call a "Life Transplant".

I have recently decided to undergo my own Life Transplant.  Here are its components:

  • Meditation: 15 min per day first thing in the morning.
  • Exercise: 45 min per day after meditation. Yoga, weights, and running.
  • Diet: Whole foods, organic diet.  Pro-biotic foods daily.   No dairy, low sugar, low grain.
  • Play: weekly play with 6 year old daughter.  No multitasking or electronics.
  • Relationship: Got engaged to my girlfriend Jen!  Her is her blog.  We have begun planning our life together :)
  • Reading: 1/2 hour per day of non-work related reading.
  • Bodywork: 1 session per month with acupuncturist Vladi Starkov, LAc, DMQ, CMT or massage with  Mo Washburn.
  • Emotional: Identifying what I am feeling in moment and reacting appropriately in the moment rather than holding on to the feeling.
  • Finances: Paying down my debts and school loans this year.  I have been listening to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast to help me with this.  I use Mint to track finances.
  • Work: Forming a Breast Health Program to address the skyrocketing rates of breast cancer.

I am six days in now and feel great. For more information, schedule an appointment to have your own personal "Life Transplant" 707-861-7300.  Phone, Skype, and Facetime appointments available for those who don't live in the Bay Area.

What changes do you need to make to thrive at life?