Childhood Vaccinations

With the SB277 Referendum going on right now, many patients have been asking me about my views of SB277 and the mandate for universal childhood vaccination.   I thought I would write a blog to clarify my views on the subject...

Wow, this is a loaded topic. On one hand you have the pro vaccine camp that states that those not vaccinating are creating a public health nightmare.  On the other side, we have many who are concerned about the effects and side effects of the vaccines themselves.  I am in neither camp, I both recognize the role vaccines have played in decreasing certain diseases.  However, I have also seen first hand many children who have been harmed by vaccine side effects.   First lets start with some facts...

1. Current vaccine schedule is not based on sound science.  Case in point, the first vaccine recommended on the CDC schedule is hepatitis B.   Why would all newborns need a vaccine against a disease that is transmitted by blood or sexual fluids?  This is not a childhood communicable disease.  Ok, maybe if the mother has it it would make sense to prevent transmission.   However, the vast majority of mothers in the US are hepatitis b neg.  In a vast majority of European countries hepatitis B vaccine is given only if the mother has hepatitis b.  I think Merck and SmithKleinBeecham have some friends at the FDA and CDC.

2. Vaccines are not as safe as they are purported to be... Don't believe me?  Check it out yourself at the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  Using the above hepatitis b vaccination example, I was able to find 1558 cases of adverse events during 2014.  Searching under all vaccines and death I found 217 cases in 2014, 54% of those cases were in children under 3.  These are all very small numbers compared to the number of vaccines given, however, if you are the parent of that child this does not take away the pain of loosing your child.  The U.S. even has a special Vaccine court for those injured by vaccines thus shielding vaccine manufacturers from litigation that would bankrupt them.  We even have a special fund to compensate victims of vaccine adverse events called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).  Someone has a friend in Congress and the US Court of Federal Claims.

3. Vaccines contain preservatives that may impact certain populations.  The preservatives are there to prevent contamination with bacteria such as staphlocci and streptococci.  Thimerosol used to be a preservative in vaccines, it has since been phased out quietly due to safety concerns and links to autism and ADHD.  Thimerosol is 50% mercury, a neurotoxin... It is interesting to note its quiet removal from medicine just like the discontinuation of using mercury amalgams in dentistry...

4. Vaccines contain other chemicals that may impact certain populations.  These include aluminum (linked to alzheimers), squalene, fetal bovine serum (yup baby cow serum), formaldehyde (a carcinogen), recombinant DNA productsand antibiotics such as neomycin, polymyxin B, streptomycin and gentamicin.

5. Vaccines may be linked to certain conditions such as autism, sids, guillian-barre syndrome, and adhd.  For the record, I do not think that vaccines cause these disorders, however, I think in the wrong individual with genetics that don't allow them to detoxify substances normally, you may have a problem.  It is likely that these conditions arise from cytokines from the immune system causing damage to the nervous system.  It is also probable that these cytokines are arising in a small number of individuals due to genetic differences that make them susceptible while leaving the rest of the population unharmed.   In other words, the vaccine may be the trigger in genetically susceptible individuals, thus accounting for a vast number vaccinations that are uneventful.

6. Vaccines are big $$$.  I am not gonna get into this one, but will point you to two documentaries that explore the topic... Bought and Doctored.

I support the ability for a patient to opt out for medical reasons such as having a sibling or parent with autism spectrum disorders.  I support the ability for a patient to opt out for personal reasons such as not not wanting to have recombinant DNA products, chemical, and preservatives injected into them.  I support the ability for a patient to opt out for religious reasons due to protections under the Constitution to freely practice one's beliefs. Consequently, I believe that it is between a patient and a doctor to decide what goes into a person's body for their health and well being.  Not a government blanket mandate.  Thus, I cannot support a law mandating universal vaccinations.

For more information on SB277 referendum go here.  Our clinic has a referendum signature sheet at the front desk for those inclined to sign the petition.   The referendum is asking to put the issue to the California voters in a future election, rather than having it be decided by a small committee and made law.