Tips for the Sonoma County Fire

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful:

1. If you are in a fire zone and are not evacuated, clean up dry leaves and anything that can act as tinder for a spark.

2. If you have been asked to evacuate, please do so in a timely fashion, it allows resources to be used that are not able to be used if you are still in the area.  Trust me you don't want 50,000 gallons of water dropped on your head.

3. Protect yourself from smoke inhalation.  Wear a mask or a wet bandana.

4. Hydrate!  Flushes toxins out and allows the body to function normally under stress.  Keep adequate water supplies available.

5. Help out!  Pick one center and make it a safe haven.  Pace yourself and take breaks when you need them.  Ask for help.  Do not become a victim because of your unwillingness to take care of your health when helping out.

6. Have a bag pre packed. Even if you don't think you will have to evacuate.

7. Take breaks from news and social media and be present with those around you.

8. Express your feelings with loved ones.  Breathe.

9. Check in with the Elderly and make sure they are ok.

10. Pray, yoga, meditate- connect with a spirtual practice and ground.