Spring Detox

    Congrats! You have made it through a hard winter and the sun is peeking out.  Spring cleaning time!  It is time to get your life organized and your house cleaned.  Spring is also an excellent time to clean out your mind, body, and spirit.  What have you accumulated through the year that no longer serves you?  A good detox addresses clearing out body toxins, mental garbage, and a deepening of spiritual practices.

    We no longer live in a pristine world.  The industrial revolution and all the ways it has made our lives better has had the side effect of polluting our air, water, and soil.  In doing so our bodies are collecting and accumulating the toxins and it is affecting our health in a myriad of ways.   Components of plastic, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum, and heavy metals are now being found in increasing amounts in our bodies.   Is it possible that your health condition is affected by a toxic chemical getting into you?
    Toxins have three main pathways out the body: urination, defecation, and sweating.  However, before they may be eliminated toxins go through a process in the liver called phase one and two conjugation to package the toxin to get it out of the body.  This process can be augmented by certain herbs and nutrients.  Dr. Holder specializes in the application of many different detoxification protocols.  When is juice fasting best utilized?  Water fasting?  Coffee enema? Sauna?  Pancha Karma?

    What about the mental trash?  How do we detox the negative self image, the news, the hardships we endure?  A good first step is to look at what we consume; do the music, TV shows, movies, news, and other media we consume clutter our mind or liberate it?  How do you connect to that which is greater than you?  Do you need to reconnect to a community?  Do you need more time in nature?  Is there a spiritual practice that has been calling to you?

    Before embarking on a detox consider consulting with Dr. Chris Holder at Hill Park Integrative Medical Center for a comprehensive look at your health.  A personalized detox plan will be developed to meet your needs in addition to being specific to the toxins that are in your body.  Different detoxes are utilized depending on what chemicals are in you.  One size dose not fit all!  Important considerations will be explained as well as safety considerations.   Comprehensive toxin testing is available if needed.  Come learn more about the three ways toxins get out of the body.  Let’s get busy cleaning our bodies, houses, and the planet!