The trials and tribulations of being young, black, and male

I have been avoiding reading about the Treyvon Martin killing.  Until today, I did not read any of the stories, click any links, ect.  For me it was too emotionally charged.  Today I read about the case and like most found it troubling.  However for me it went deeper.  This was a great fear of my mother that I would be shot for some reason.  She never liked me to go running in the evening, was always concerned about what I was wearing, never let me go hunting, ect.
It reminded me that how I look matters.  Being a mixed race dark skin male has made for some interesting events in life.  Here are some of the highlights...

Being consistently searched at TSA
Being detained at the Canadian Boarder for several hours (remember that one guys!)
People getting nervous with me in an elevator
A classmate in school had a dog that would go apeshit when it saw me because it was specifically trained to attack black males.  (first racist dog I met)  It had to be kept in a cage when I was around and would bark non-stop until I was gone.
Not experimenting with drugs in teens (like everyone else) as I was already being searched...
Being perceived as being overly sexual or treated like a sex toy.  (long social history feeding into this as well as the porn category "interracial", see also Emmitt Till case)
Swastikas carved into my desks in junior high by neo nazis
Caricatures of me with giant lips left in my desk and locker throughout school
Being told to go back to Iraq (wrong country dumbass...)
Having a patient refuse to see me as a student because of the color of my skin
Being refused service in multiple restaurants (very embarrassing...)

Ironically Treyvon was suspended from school when the shooting occurred due to trace amounts of marijuana in a bag.  Maybe his death has saved him from later doing time in prison on a mj charge once he became an adult.  Gotta love the prison industrial complex...  I can totally understand how he looked had led to this disaster as I have experienced what he has experienced. 

I have a kid now and have a vague idea of the absolute horror it must be to loose your child.  My heart goes out to his parents.  No one should have to outlive their child.  I am ashamed to say I am glad I have a daughter as I don't have the slightest clue how to teach a young racially mixed male how to navigate the complexities and prejudices of the world around him.  I am not sure how I made it this far myself...  I am not sure if I will make it...