Trials and Tribulations of Parenthood

There is something pre-programmed in kids where they can push buttons.  They can automatically work the newest technology and they seem to know exactly what to say/do to push your buttons.  I had a ballistic moment today when Peanut flat out refused to eat lunch today and then had a few choice words to throw gasoline on my fire.  ("I hate you")  We ended up eating lunch for about 3 hours today, loosing the better part of a gorgeous sunny day.  Talk about a battle of strong wills!  What happened to my little angel?  I think she is picking up bad habits in preschool that she sees the other kids doing.

It has been awhile since I have flat out lost my cool. I had a "limbic system meltdown".  That is what we call it, Peanut even calls it that!  (I got a budding neuroscientist!)  The limbic system is a set of brain structures that regulate emotions and memories.  It seems funny writing about it now, but was not the least bit funny in the moment.  Here's to a new stage of boundary testing, arguing (capricorn), and explaining things 100 times.

Then she pulls a Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hyde on me and then starts appealing to my daddy ego.  "Your a good daddy"  "I like your hair"  Then she starts batting her long eyelashes... I felt so manipulated.  How can she have learned that already, she is three!  We hugged and talked things out until she understood and the rest of the day went much better.

Well, it's off to anger management class for me... aka meditation