Special Tax Day Rant

So I am about 2 seconds away from either joining the Tea party or moving to Sweden (where taxes pay for education not war).  First, my accountant calculated my taxes last min... ie this afternoon.  He got my info on the 30th, so I don't quite get what the hold up was.  Then he proceeds to tell me that I have a gigantic tax bill.  Then he wants me to buy an IRA and drop several thousand dollars into it... Today.  Needless to say this is right in the middle of a full day of patients (2pm) and I don't have time to find someone to open a last min IRA.  I then was also notified that I would pay less taxes if I owned a house, a car, and claimed my child this year (this is not my year).  Yes, I pay more taxes because I don't have a car to deduct miles from!  Then, I get a $500 bill from them for their services.  I was pretty livid!  Between not claiming my child and not maximally contributing to my Roth IRA I will pay $9000 more in taxes than I would need to!  WTF! 

For some reason I was still a nice person as I very calmly (probably creepily calm) told him that I was dissatisfied with his services, not to mention his bill.  In my head it was something like "Why the #$%& are you telling me this hours before the %&*#ing thing needs to be filed???

Here is what I learned in this 2011 Tax season:
1.  I need to put away at least 30% of my income to pay taxes. (best paid in quarterly installments... who knew?)
2.  I need a new accountant.
3.  I need to open and max out an IRA
4.  I need to max out my Roth IRA
5.  I need more children. (both for the tax break and because I don't trust that social security will be around to take care of me in my old age!)

Why is the tax code so complicated?  So rich folks can have a bunch of loop holes to hide money in that do not apply to the rest of us slaves.  Between paying the IRS and the Banks that own my school loans, not much is left, yet it looks like I make plenty of money!

I feel like I got ripped off.  For all this schooling, I have no car, no home, no furniture other than a bed, and no future financial stability.  I am poorer now than ever (but have great credit)!  HA! The kicker is that I feel most terrible about paying the taxes as it is likely funding wars I do not believe in.  Yes, I have become a good Idahoan ranting about taxes and the power of the federal government!  Ron Paul for President!  Better yet, lets just get rid of the executive branch and save us all some money... What do they do anyway?

On a personal note, I have been learning alot about what pushes my buttons in my mind and it is predominantly money (thank you Zen meditation/David).  The flawed logic goes something like this:  I would like to be loved/have a life partner.  Men are providers.  I am a Man.  As a Man my worth is based on my ability to provide.  I am not making much money.  I am not a good provider.  I am not worthy of love.  I won't have a life partner.  All over a bunch of #$%*ing numbers on a piece of paper that don't really exist!  I have finally noticed that anytime I am not doing well financially or I perceive that I am not doing well I subconsciously sabotage the relationship I am in to make this flawed logic true.  Stay tuned while I attempt to heal, change the flawed logic that is making my love life so challenging.