Bras contributing to breast cancer?

After my talk at the Dhyana Center last week there were some questions about whether bras contribute to breast cancer.  I have been researching it a bit and there does seem to be a link.  The theory is that bras (especially poorly fitting ones) constrict lymphatic flow in the breast to the axillary nodes in armpit.  This may be important because lymphatic flow traffics both toxins and white blood cells. 

Of note more breast cancers occur in the outer quadrant of the breast.  However some researchers do not attribute this to bras and deodorants, but to the fact that this quadrant has more tissue...

Also of note many underarm deodorants contain parabens, substances that have estrogenic effects due to their ability to bind estrogen receptors.  Combine this with an antiperspirant and you no longer can excrete the toxins from your lymph via sweat.
I do think it is feasible to say that the combination of impaired lymph flow may contribute to breast cancer, be it via antiperspirants or bras.  Do they cause cancer in and of themselves?  Probably not.

Again, To get breast cancer 3 basic things have to happen:   1.You have to mutate key genes in the DNA that lead to uncontrolled cell growth. You have to have DNA repair mechanisms impaired.  2. You have to have growth promoters (hormones and xenoestrogens) so those cells can grow.  3.You have to have the immune system not function in getting to and killing these cells.  

Taking a look via a medical anthropologists lens, wearing a bra and deodorant is relatively new.. Roughly 2 generations out of 100,000+ years of human history.  Cultures that go bra and deodorantless have way less breast cancer (although that may be due to a multitude of other factors).   Here is a link to the book about bras and how they may contribute to cancer

In the end, I know it is a hard sell to recommend not wearing a bra, but to start I do recommend not wearing one at night.   I am not in favor of antiperspirants of any type and especially not ones with parabens or aluminum.

Keep the questions coming!