Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention is not getting a mammogram.  It is not getting your genes tested.  I am disappointed to see such things being touted as prevention on the major cancer society websites.  A few years ago Dr. Tierona Low Dog was speaking at a conference I was at and she said a very profound thing... "We'll never win the war on cancer until we agriculture and manufacturing at the table".  This blew me away.  Was she suggesting that how we live our lives, the things we make, the very things we eat may contribute to causing cancer?  It was the first time I heard it being openly spoken at a medical conference.

Of course it does not take a PhD or MD to understand that our lifestyle is causing this.  I think most of us intuitively know this.  However, for those of us with advanced degrees, we must see proof.  That proof is here, to the tune of billions of dollars of research dollars.  Yet, the word is not getting out.  Doctors are not talking with patients (who has the time in a 15 min appointment) about these factors.  In many cases the medical system is complicit.  For most of my oncology patients, I am the only doctor to ask them why they think they got cancer.

I have decided to spend my time here in Sonoma county looking at the risk factors that have led Marin and Sonoma county to having the highest breast cancer rates in the world.  I think that the reasons may be due to the affluent lifestyle we enjoy here.   I intend to spend time speaking to patients and professionals about the factors and use real world solutions to mitigate these environmental factors.  

To get breast cancer 3 basic things have to happen:   1.You have to mutate key genes in the DNA that lead to uncontrolled cell growth. You have to have DNA repair mechanisms impaired.  2. You have to have growth promoters (hormones and xenoestrogens) so those cells can grow.  3.You have to have the immune system not function in killing these cells.   To resolve these issues we will have to take a look at the causes of 1,2, and 3 and have a real conversation about how those chemicals, radiation, hormones, and xenoestrogens got into our bodies.

Breast Cancer Prevention is addressing the actual factors that cause breast cancer.  It is actually addressing the environmental degradation that has led to the ever increasing toxic molecules in the air, water, and earth.  It is addressing the economic and political factors that allow such things to occur.  It is conducting research as to how xenoestrogenic compounds get into our bodies and how to get them out.   Please come to one of my talks on Breast Cancer Prevention or schedule one for more information.   See also Events and Resources on my website

More to come... Who is with me?